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        Learning Exchange Activity of KERUI REFRACTORY

        2019-10-08 17:46:57

        Our study was well supported by leaders from KERUI heavy brick factory, KERUI light brick factory, KERUI unshaped product factory and fused cast brick factory. Under the company and guidance of leaders from different factories of KERUI, we knew bette

        Moroccan guests visit Kerui Refractory Bricks Factory

        2019-09-29 15:23:19

        With the company strength growing and constant innovation in the field of technology, KERUI group is rising more and more popular in refractory market, which attracts more and more foreign customers to visit our factory.

        How Is Quality Refractory Material Produced?

        2019-09-29 15:01:07

        From nature to industry, from mineral raw material to refractory material, how is refined refractory material produced? In order to know this and to offer more professional and more accurate service for our clients, we began our study and visit on 22

        Manufacture Of Castable Precast Block For Roasting Furnace A

        2019-09-24 17:35:39

        KERUI technicians suggest castable precast blocks for them and explain the reason and advantages of this decision after getting client's consultation, knowing the working condition and maintenance plan of this furnace in detail, considering the short

        Syrian Customer Was Warmly Welcomed to Kerui Group for Inspe

        2019-09-23 18:20:20

        Since the first half of this year, KR Group, the refractory production industry that keeps pace with the times, has actively expanded its international market and attracted the attention of many foreign customers on the basis of continuously expandin

        US Customer Mr.J Came to KERUI Factory to Inspect Refractory

        2019-09-23 18:15:42

        With the implementation of China's "One Belt, One Road" and other internationalization strategies, China has made a breakthrough in global resource allocation capabilities.